Eastern Faculty Training & Development

Chalk & Table provides a variety of training and professional development opportunities for new and experienced faculty members. These range in length from one- or two-hour courses to multiple week offerings.

Check back regularly for additional offerings and visit our Events Calendar for start dates along with additional meet-up opportunities for continued education.

Below you will find descriptions of our current offerings:


Monthly Online session


Understanding the Grades tool - September

Learn how to create a grade item to record grades. See how you can associate an activity like an assignment or discussion topic with a grade item to automatically update your grade center when you grade. Learn how to create a category and how to use that category to add weighting to your grade center. You will also see how you can use that category to drop the lowest grade in a group of items. Learn how to display a running grade average to your students and how to easily answer that student question “What is my highest possible grade is at any point in the course?”

  • Time: 7:00 PM EST
  • Date: 9-11-2017
  • Place: Zoom (link will be sent to you automatically after you register)


How to Create a Test/Quiz in Brightspace - September

Learn how easy it is to make a quiz/test in Brightspace. There is also a tool that can convert a Word document test/quiz into Brightspace format.

  • Time: 7:00 PM EST
  • Date: 9-18-2017
  • Place: Zoom (after sign up a link will be sent to you)


FDC100 Brightspace Basics  

A  self-paced introduction to the basic skills, terminology, and competencies needed to use Brightspace. Topics include: overview; creating news items; email; creating and editing content items; discussion board; grades; assignments.  Those who complete the requirements earn "Brightspace Basics Certification" status at Eastern.  Required for all new adjunct instructors.

Email Brightspace@eastern.edu to Register



Zoom provides an online meeting room for synchronous (live) or asynchronous class sessions. Faculty can record their lessons to share with learners who cannot attend the live sessions. Students use Zoom for live presentations in online courses.  This platform is also used to hold class when an on-ground or blended class session has had to be canceled.  This is an online, self-paced training course requiring one to two hours to complete. Required for all new adjunct instructors.

Email Brightspace@eastern.edu to Register



An overview of best practices related to online course facilitation, including building learning communities, developing social presence, engaging students, creating quality discussions, and incorporating active learning strategies. Participants are introduced to basic standards of the Quality Matters program.  This is a four-week online training course with assignments totaling five to six hours due weekly.  It is offered multiple times during the year.

Date: October 23rd to November 19th



"While waiting for an online course assignment, I am using the best practices, strategies and resources taught in FDC200 in my on-ground class, and my students are delightfully engaged in content and process.  They are invested in what we are studying, encouraging and supporting each other; their talents and strengths are fitting like a puzzle and they are taking ownership of their education.  I go home flying high after every class.  FDC200 is well worth prioritizing on every professor's schedule."  

Shari Draayer, Sociology Instructor



The Turnitin® tool helps promote critical thinking, ensure academic integrity, and improve student writing.   Turnitin offers free, live, expert training webinars multiple times per week for any teacher or instructor who is interested in learning how to use Turnitin.

Dates: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: Varies (45 minute session)
Session Info:
During each session, you will learn how to create and manage assignments using Turnitin. Delving deeper, we'll show you how to navigate and interpret originality reports and show you how to add comments, provide feedback, and use rubrics to grade papers.

How do I attend?

Simply use the following button to join a session.  There’s no need to pre-register.  Once you click on the button to join, a calendar with session times will appear.  Attendees are welcome to attend as often as they wish (during the course of the academic year).



Have you taught a course online and wonder how you can improve it? In this session you will learn practical next steps to make your course more interactive and engaging.  The components of developing an exemplary online course are introduced in order for you to create a plan for revising your course.

Participants must have taught their online course at least once prior to this session and bring a copy of the syllabus. 

Email Sherry Kull for details on how to register.