Did You Know?


Brightspace New Look

Brightspace is getting a new look and some added features to make it more mobile friendly and easier to do some common tasks for all users.   The changes are mainly cosmetic, your discussions, assignments, Quizzes, and Grades will not be affected by this update. The grade values, discussion threads, assignments and quiz attempts will remain as they are.

Please come back and see more videos on the new Brightspace look - Daylight as well as other tips and highlights on tools that you might have over looked.


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.47.21 AM.png

Create Interactive Lessons Using EDpuzzle

“If you build it, they will come.” Will they, really? Now that you have created or curated great online lessons, how do you know your students understand the lessons or even watch them? EDpuzzle can help!

This easy and free tool promotes active learning by making any video interactive, whether you created it or found it online (think TEDtalks or any of the thousands of online resources). Instructors can incorporate questions and comments that students respond to at strategic points in the video lesson.  You can also track your students’ progress through the gradebook feature and give them feedback. EDpuzzle is a simple-to-use tool to increase accountability, engagement, and learning.


Progress Summary

Have your students ever asked, "Can I still pass this course?" and expect you to calculate the math for them?  Good news! Brightspace will do that for you.  Click User Progress in the NavBar, then click on any student's name.  You'll see their current average and their maximum and minimum possible average, if all remaining scores were 100% or 0% respectively.