My Media/Kaltura

We provide My Media/Kaltura support for Eastern University faculty and staff. Please contact the individuals below with any questions you may have.

Below you will find several video tutorials created by our team to assist with common trouble shooting questions.

Visit our EVENTS page for upcoming workshop dates and times.

Alvin Wong | | 610-225-5037

Alvin Wong | | 610-225-5037

Sue Yavor | | 610-341-4363

Sue Yavor | | 610-341-4363


Kaltura Support

Kaltura is Eastern University's video streaming software. This video shows you how to access it via Brightspace and get your free license for this software. All users have to do this step the first time they use My Media/Kaltura.

Upload video to your content area to share with your class.

By default all videos have close caption done a robot automated process. Most time the accuracy is around 80%. Users should edit the default close caption after the automated process to make video ADA compliance.

Uploading videos and audios to My Media


In this video you will learn how to use your My Media videos you uploaded in an assignment.

My Media/Kaltura Training & Support

For Kaltura training videos that are not here please send an email to

  • First time user --> Login to Brightspace then click on my Media to activate your account.

  • Login

  • From here you will be directed to a list of courses. The following 30min training courses are C&T staff recommended: