Lead A Discussion

Many people know Chalk & Table mainly as an online presence, but for the Eastern University community that we are part of, we have on ground meetings, discussions, workshops, and other creative opportunities to collaborate.

So, Eastern community, if you have an idea for a reading group, discussion, or other event, fill out the form below and we will follow up with you very soon.

If you are not part of the Eastern University community but are interested in coming into the area to lead a discussion or partake in an event, send us an email (skull@eastern.edu) and we can discuss further.

We are all about cross-pollination :)

*** Note: We titled this page "Lead a Discussion," but really we are open to your ideas. If you wanted to lead a four-week long reading group that met once a week, come chat with us, we can likely make that happen and help host and market the event. 

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