A Week in Havana with Eastern University - Part 3

February 25- March 4, 2017

Sherry Kull – traveling with Linda Beck, Julia Stewart, June Phillips, Susan Zacharkiw, Krysta Zacharkiw, Dawn Spaar, Frieda Brinkmann, Ingrid Cooper, Molly Rozbeh, Stephen & Christine Kim

The buildings are lovely old Spanish-style structures. I wonder about their history?

One of the surprising things we ended up appreciating on this journey were the lectures we received at the Centro de Estudios Martianos (Center for Martí Studies). Our package included talks from university level specialists in Cuba’s health care system, education, architecture, Cuban-American relations, and so on. About half the talks were in Spanish with translators and half were in English.  It was a great opportunity for our little group of twelve to ask our questions of these experts before we headed out for the day to see firsthand what they were talking about.

Let’s take architecture, for example. This is one of the richest treasures of the island with examples from pre-Baroque, Baroque, neo-Classicism, eclecticism, art nouveau, art deco, and modern styles. Cuba has numerous cities listed as UN World Heritage sites due to their concentration of such styles.  Old Havana, for instance, dates back to the early 16th century Spanish colonialists, and the Spanish influence is evident everywhere in the buildings and spacious plazas.

Here are a few of the gems we saw in Old Havana, in the Vedado district where we were staying, and along the Malecón, the six-lane avenue running along the ocean wall in Havana.


Stay Tuned for Part 4 - Oh, Those Cars!

Sherry Kull, MDiv, PhD, is the Senior Instructional Designer for Chalk & Table.  Sherry also serves on the university's Faculty Development Committee.
Prior to joining Eastern in 2009, Sherry worked for many years at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA. She designed their non-traditional, cohort-based MDiv program that was delivered in a blended format. She also led Biblical into its first fully online course offerings.
Sherry’s first position at Eastern was in the School of Management Studies, with one of her duties being to train SMS’s adjuncts how to teach blended or online courses. This was the genesis of the training that has been expanded university-wide and now includes implementation of Quality Matters throughout Eastern. Sherry continues to practice and sharpen her online skills with more than ten years’ experience teaching fully online courses.
Outside of Eastern, Sherry is part-owner of K9JYM, a dog-training facility in Colmar, PA. The JYM provides training classes in nearly all dog sports and hosts competitions of various sorts on the weekends. Sherry works on the management end of the business, and enjoys training with her Australian Shepherd mix Rudy in the sport of canine agility.