You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.   - Clay P. Bedford


Our vision is to be...

--- A community where ideas can be discussed and refined in a way that promotes learning, personal growth, creativity, and excellence in teaching.

--- A place where people are able to share their stories of learning and growing in their areas of influence in a way that is authentic, raw, and not overly edited.

--- An initiative that provides many opportunities for Eastern University faculty to collaborate and grow personally, professionally, and in our teaching practices. 


We believe that creative, short videos are impactful in the learning process. Thus we have created many of them and will continue to create them with the ideas that you (as our viewer) suggest.

We hope that you find our videos to be inspirational and helpful in your own process of growth and learning.

We have been able to interview some very interesting and dynamic people across the country who have amazing stories of learning, sometimes in unconventional ways, across the lifespan. We will be rolling these out over the coming days, so stay tuned :)


Genuine. Raw. Reflective.

The primary goal of our blog is to engage ideas and experiences in various learning environments. We want our writing to come across as real and reflective, not overly edited and stripped of authentic experience.

You will read blog entries from college students, professors, and life long learners who are not currently in a formalized educational setting. These amazing individuals have willingly shared their passion for continuous learning and improvement in their craft.

We hope these writings help you reflect on your own experiences in learning and growing and help motivate you toward greater things along your journey.


We are currently located in ELC (Eagle Learning Center) on the St. David's campus and host/ sponsor events across the University. Click on our events link to learn more about upcoming workshops, discussion/ reading groups, and other events.