Promotion and Tenure

Applying for Promotion and Tenure

Below you will find a list of materials that are needed for an application for promotion, tenure, etc. This list was compiled by the Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC) from a variety of lists that are present in the Eastern University community including Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook in Fall 2015. Please note that it will likely be helpful to reference Chapter 4 to view an in depth description of these areas.

Letter of application

A substantive letter, addressed to the FPC, that provides the faculty member’s comprehensive self-assessment, including a summary and synthesis of the Faculty Growth and Development Plans that have been composed since hire or since the last summative evaluation, with appropriate references to supporting materials.

Recent review by FPC

Either FPC correspondence (e.g., following a midterm formative review) or official correspondence from the Provost (with FPC documents included) following a summative review.

Curriculum vitae

An up-to-date listing of education, experience, and accomplishments. It is helpful to update a CV every 6 months or so in order to avoid missing any key items that you may want to include.

Faith/Faithfulness Statement

See section 4.4.2 (page 68) of the Faculty Handbook (updated May 2015) for more detail on the statement.

Regular self-evaluations of performance and development

Copies of the annual Professional Activity Reports and the three-year Faculty Growth and Development Plans that have been composed since hire or since the last summative evaluation see section (page 82) of the Faculty Handbook for further detail.

Course syllabi

Copies of the most recent syllabus for each course taught since hire or since the last summative evaluation.

Student evaluations of courses and instruction

At least two for each semester since hire or since the last summative evaluation. It is recommended that you include as many course evaluations as you can. This is helpful in presenting a large scale picture of your work in the classroom.

Advising evaluations by students

One set for each year since hire or since the last summative evaluation – if available.

Graduating student evaluations

If available, these evaluations can be helpful.

Committee Evaluations

Committee members’ evaluations of chairs/chairs evaluations of committee members – if available.

Administrative evaluations of performance and development

Department chair (or, in the case of chairs, chosen mentor) evaluations - one for each three-year period since hire or the last summative evaluation. [Currently under review.] To be coordinated with the Faculty Growth and Development Plans.

Publications or other scholarly/creative work

A copy of each (major) publication or other professional product, to serve as supporting documents for the c.v. Where formal publication is not involved, supporting documents may include alternative forms of documentation (invitations to present lectures; programs for performances or exhibitions; etc.).

Other evidence

The applicant may submit any other evidence of development and achievement since the most recent summative or formative evaluation or initial appointment. Such evidence may include additional commentary on some aspect of the portfolio; letters documenting professional, church, and community service; spontaneous letters indicating student appreciation; informal letters from peers who have observed teaching; etc.


Contact Steven Boyer (, the chair of the Faculty Personnel Committee, with further questions.