New Faculty Seminar


Fall 2015 New Faculty Seminar

The New Faculty Seminar is designed to help orient you to the intellectual ethos of the Eastern University community by reading about and discussing what it means to integrate the Christian faith with academic disciplines.  We will talk about faith integration in the classroom as well as in scholarly work, and will endeavor to prepare you to write the Faith and Learning Paper required for long-term service at Eastern.  The seminar meets weekly during the fall semester.                          

Time and Location:        

HHC 104 | Monday mornings, 10:00-10:50 am

Books:  (Provided by Eastern)

1.  Reason Within the Bounds of Religion.  Nicholas Wolterstorff.  Eerdmans, 1988.

2.  To Know as We are Known.  Parker Palmer.  Jossey-Bass, 2007.

3.  The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.  Lesslie Newbigin.  Eerdmans, 1989.

4. The Knowledge of the Holy.  A. W. Tozer.  HarperOne, 1961.

5. Various articles to be distributed week by week.

Note:  As the semester progresses, it will be increasingly difficult to find the time to do the readings and come to the seminar.  Please make the readings and the weekly sessions a regular part of your schedule.  Remember that you have been given a one course reduction to give you the time that you need.  Your immediate work may seem more pressing, but do not allow it to sideline what is important for your own long-term success.  As we tell our students, “Please plan ahead!”  You will receive a letter acknowledging the time you have put into the New Faculty Seminar at the end of the semester which can be submitted for your next performance evaluation.

Seminar Schedule

Note: We will be discussing the readings on the day for which they are listed, so please read in advance of the date. All meetings are held in HHC 104 on Monday mornings, 10:00-10:50 am

Sept. 14   |   The Christian Scholar, I   |   Reading:  Wolterstorff, chapters 1-10

Sept. 21   |   The Christian Scholar, II   |   Reading:  Wolsterstorff, chapters 11-22

Sept. 28   |   Christian Devotion, I   |   Reading:  Tozer, preface-chapter 11

Oct. 5   |   Christian Devotion, II   |   Reading:  Tozer, chapters 12-23

Oct. 12   |   Christian Teaching, I   |   Reading:  Palmer, introduction-chapter 4

Oct. 19   |   Christian Teaching, II   |   Reading:  Palmer, chapter 5-afterward

Oct. 26   |   Dogma and Doubt   |   Reading:  Newbigin, chapters 1-5

Nov. 2   |   The Scandal of Particularity   |   Reading:  Newbigin, chapters 6-10

Nov. 9   |   Witness to Pluralism   |   Reading:  Newbigin, chapters 11-15

Nov. 16   |   Principalities and Powers   |   Reading:  Newbigin, chapters 16-20

Dec. 7   |   Lunch Together!   |   Eastern Dining Commons, 11:00 am

Facilitated by:

Eloise Meneses, Ph.D. |  Professor of Anthropology  |  HHC 140  |  (610) 341-5953  |

Eloise Meneses, Ph.D. | Professor of Anthropology | HHC 140 | (610) 341-5953 |

Fred Putnam, Ph.D. |  Associate Professor of Biblical Studies  |  Fowler 305  |  (610) 225-5262  |

Fred Putnam, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Biblical Studies | Fowler 305 | (610) 225-5262 |