We provide Zoom support for Eastern University faculty and staff. Please contact the individuals below with any questions you may have.

Below you will find several video tutorials created by our team to assist with common trouble shooting questions.

Visit our EVENTS page for upcoming workshop dates and times.

Alvin Wong | brightspace@eastern.edu | 610-225-5037

Alvin Wong | brightspace@eastern.edu | 610-225-5037

Sue Yavor | brightspace@eastern.edu | 610-341-4363

Sue Yavor | brightspace@eastern.edu | 610-341-4363


Zoom Support

Zoom is Eastern University's online meeting software. This software will allow you to host online meetings and classes as well as record session for playback. In this video you will learn how to set up your Zoom account and launch your first meeting.

Other Zoom Topics

Log in as Host

Often users will join their own meeting as the participant and not the “host”. Being the host of your meeting it is very important for the sucess of your zoom meeting session(s). This short video show you how login and claim your “host” status every time.

In this video you will learn how to use your Zoom meeting room to record a meeting and how to post the recording in your Brightspace course for your students to access.

For written directions on uploading to My Media - Click Here.


Meeting Options

After opening a zoom meeting there are many things that you can do. There are option for audio, video, screen share and many more. Learn how use each of these tool will help improve your meeting quality and ensure a smooth meeting each time.

For additional Zoom training videos please visit Zoom's YouTube Channel.